MLAC Policies

Centre Records Policy

From Season 2012/13 Centre Records can be claimed at MLAC Centre Competitions, State and Regional Titles including individual events at State Multi-Event Titles.

Athletes can only be awarded records for the age group in which they are registered. Athletes must have competed in the age group in which they are registered as per the scheduled program or program of the day as amended by the Arena Manager and/or President.

At competition days all records must be witnessed by a member of the executive committee or the arena manager

  • Walks - Until there are sufficient qualified walks judges at MLAC Centre Competitions, we will not recognise walks times for Centre Records; however, we will recognise walk times at the above LAVIC and AV competitions.
  • Javelin – Although we do hold javelin events from time to time at Centre Competitions, we will also recognise javelin records at the above LAVIC and AV competitions.
  • TurboJav/Vortex - Centre Records are not recognised.

The LAVIC promotes and encourages a healthy lifestyle, and has policies on the following:

  • Sunsmart Protection
  • Healthy Eating
  • Smoke Free Environment
  • Responsible Alcohol Management

All members and visitors are asked to comply with these policies, as they are there to encourage a safe and fun environment for our children.

Sun Protection Policy

At MLAC, the following strategies have been adopted:

  • Wherever possible, competition shall be scheduled outside the hours of 11am and 3pm.
  • The centre will maximize the use of natural shade provided by trees and buildings.
  • Individuals will be encouraged to bring their own shade structures to MLAC and regional events.
  • Where possible, portable shade will be available on Mace Oval during days of competition.
  • Officials shall promote the wearing of sun protective clothing and act as role models.
  • Athletes will be advised to take umbrellas, sunscreen and drinks to events.
  • SPF30+ sunscreen will be promoted and made available by the centre (at officials table).

Smoke Free Environment

Smoking endangers the health of all people - both those who smoke and those who inhale the smoke of others.  At MLAC, no person shall smoke in view of our children in close proximity to others or in an enclosed space.  You will be required to leave the field.

Responsible Alcohol Management

There is no sale of alcohol at MLAC events or functions and we do not encourage people to drink alcohol on MLAC competition days.

Pet Free Policy

Pets are prohibited from the competition area at Mace Oval during competition and training days

Sanctioned Publicity Events

During the season the centre runs and organises a number of publicity events sanctioned by the Executive. These are

  • Adults and kids races at Mace during competition days
  • Registration Days
  • Participation in the annual Mornington Peninsula Kids day out
  • Participation in the Australia Day Parade
  • Bring a friend days