Club Uniform Details 2016 - 2017

All athletes are required to wear the MLAC uniform. This uniform consists of a MLAC orange black and white singlet or t-shirt, black shorts, sports brief or Lycra bike shorts and white socks. Please ensure shorts have no pockets if possible.

The Jetstar logo is now avaliable and needs to be sewn onto the front top right side of the uniform as shown in the picture below.  The 2016 official uniform includes an orange Jetstar logo.   White Jetstar logos and/or any IGA patches need to be removed from centre uniforms.

T-shirts or Singlets may be purchased from the club on competition days or at the registration days at a cost of $45.00 each or Crop Tops for $50.00 each. The club is also selling Little Athletics Victoria branded black shorts for $25. There are 3 styles:
Girls stretch
Girls running
Boys running
These will be mandatory for athletes competing at Regional & State events from the 2017/18 season.
Uniform 2015
Footwear must be either runners or track shoes (bare feet, socks are not permitted). Regulation spikes are permitted for the U12 and over age groups. Tracksuits or over clothing may be worn up to the start of the track events, but may not be worn during a race (unless the weather is poor). Pants may be worn during field throwing events.